Chaphur Rinpoche

Geshe Chaphur Rinpoche is the founder and spiritual director of Gyalshen Institute, an organization dedicated to the preservation and revival of the Zhang Zhung and Tibetan culture and traditions. He travels extensively providing teachings on Bön spiritual practices and has many on-going projects involving the preservation, translation, public presentation, and scholarly assessment of sacred Bön texts. Born in Amdo Ngaba in Eastern Tibet, he is from the Chaphur lineage, one of the oldest and most important lama family lineages within Tibet, and one of six principal high lama lineages within the Amdo region affiliated with Nangzhig Monastery. At age 16, under perilous conditions, he left Tibet and traveled many days on foot, through Tibet, Nepal and India in order to study at the Bön Dialectical School at Menri Monastery, the principal monastery for the Bön tradition in exile located in Dolanji, India. In 2006, the Tibetan Library of Dharamsala awarded him the certificate of Monk Science Scholar for his successful study of Western Sciences and Tibetan Cosmology in Southern India. In 2008, after fifteen years of study, he received his Geshe degree from Menri Monastery. He is also a master calligrapher having learned the art of calligraphy from H.E. Bon Gya Rinpoche at Bon-Gya Monastery in Amdo.


Nangzhig Monastery Foundation

Nangzhig Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promoting and preservation of the Bon tradition, and more broadly – Tibetan cultural heritage. Nangzhig, as the main and largest Bon monastery in Tibet, located in the region of Amdo Ngawa, which brings together hundreds of monks from all over the country, who sometimes have traveled long distances of challenging and arduous roads to study the sacred teachings of Bon. Nangzhig Monastery Foundation invites all willing to cooperate. Financial support allows to join us in the noble purpose of creating suitable conditions of life for many exceptional monks studying and living in largest Bon monastery in Tibet and to support them in the quest to explore and preserve the priceless teachings of Yungdrung Bon. This indigenous religion of Tibet, offers a way for positive changes in your life so that it becomes possible to find inner tranquility, peace and compassion in the realities of today’s world.
An additional objective is to establish a communication platform between the Monastery and the Western society in order to present this unique and authentic knowledge and bring centuries-old tradition that contains in itself the teaching of resting in open awareness and experience the mind nature.